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Brisbane to accelerate economic growth after G20

18 November, 2014

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is determined to ensure Brisbane capitalises on the economic outcomes of the G20 Summit and has tasked economic development board Brisbane Marketing with charting an ambitious growth plan for the city.

He also extended an offer to the yet-to-be-named 2015 host city in Turkey and the China 2016 G20 host city, to consult with Brisbane about our lessons as G20 host city.

Cr Quirk said Brisbane would set an international example and aggressively embrace the spirit of the G20 Brisbane Action Plan.

“We will harness the lessons of hosting the G20 Summit and the Brisbane Global Cafe to position Brisbane as the quintessential new world city that is the envy of the globe,” he said.

“To that end I have asked the council and our economic development board Brisbane Marketing to develop the next wave economic agenda for our city.

“This will include embracing the G20 outcomes around the creation of a global infrastructure hub, using the unprecedented program of precinct and infrastructure development in Brisbane to demand the attention of international investors.”

Cr Quirk said Brisbane Marketing would embark on a new wave of activity to boost the city’s performance including:
• Positioning Brisbane as a global infrastructure hub to attract international investment
• leveraging the success of hosting the G20 to drive more conventions and high-yield business visitation to Brisbane
• targeting the Asia Pacific, specifically China, as a tourism market
• building a global network of new world cities to drive growth and job opportunities
• harnessing the spotlight President Obama put on the quality of our educational institutions to increase the lucrative international student market
• increasing activity to attract major events to the city.

“I want Brisbane to be renowned as a rising star in the Asia Pacific, a leader in ideas and innovation that stretches the boundaries, as exemplified by our staging of the Brisbane Global Cafe – a first for a G20 - that embraced the world culturally, socially and economically,” Cr Quirk said.

“As a direct result of the Brisbane Global Cafe, many of the global business and academic leaders have been invited to join Team Brisbane assisting Brisbane Marketing with important links and introductions to key networks across the world.

“This includes ongoing liaison with Brookings, JP Morgan Chase, Jones Lang LaSalle and a number of leading academic institutions on future initiatives including the Asia Pacific Cities Summit.

“Over the past few years I have often referred to Brisbane as an emerging global city; the past week has seen Brisbane graduate as a global city which I plan to make the envy of the globe.

“For Brisbane, the G20 marks a watershed in our city’s history, a defining moment when we stand up and proudly take our place among the emerging cities of the world.

“We have much still to be done but this week marks our ‘global graduation’, allowing us to take our place as a new world city.

“As such I will be extending an invitation to the 2015 G20 host city, which will be in Turkey, and the China 2016 G20 host city, to discuss what we learned this year as a host city.

“I would also encourage them to pick up the newly-formed legacy of the global cafe thought-leadership event.

“Our time has well and truly arrived and we are honoured that the ambitious plan to drive economic growth across the world over the next four years will bear our moniker: the Brisbane Action Plan.”

Cr Quirk said Brisbane was already making a significant contribution to shaping the Asia Pacific cultural and economic landscape hosting many cultural and business events that define the city as a serious player in the Asia Pacific region.

“Later this month we are hosting the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival showcasing some of the best films in the world that will be celebrated at our Asia Pacific Screen Awards. We are also home to the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and the Asia Pacific Triennial in 2015,” he said.

“Brisbane already epitomises the new world cities that will set the tone for lifestyle, technology, business transformation, social inclusiveness over the course of this century.

“By mobilising our best minds, our most creative thinkers, our most courageous investors and our new army of international advocates, Team Brisbane will be ready to embrace a bold, new future.” [Ends] November 18, 2014

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